Wonderful Hair Trends for 2019

The year 2019 is fast approaching. What will be the next hairstyle trend for this year? Will it be long plaits? Or the short ones will rule the in 2019?

The short hairstyle trend 2019 is promoting shorter and better hairstyles for the year 2019. Here’s the list of the “shorter the better” hairstyles:

1. Braids – For those who do not want to cut their long hair, this style fits you. You can tie your long hair into braids. You can pull them back into a neat braid and curl them up around your head. This will make you look neat and stylish, especially if you have a round face, making you much cuter.

2. Angle Bob – During the early 70’s, the Bob Cut style is very famous, and as the saying goes “history repeats itself,” the hairstyle is now back with a little twist. Angle Bob is done by cutting your hair short into a bob and extending the hair in front in a form of an angle. With this style, a person’s features are being enhanced.

3. Messy Bun – This hairstyle will still be a great beat for 2019. You just pull up your hair into a loose bun, allowing some loose end to carelessly land on your shoulder.

4. Fringes – This is best when you’re an outdoor person. You just cut your hair into a short blunt and get some fringes covering your forehead. This makes a person appeal hot, sexy and fun.

5. Short Curls – This hairstyle makes you look soft and delicate. To achieve this, you cut your hair into short blunt and curl up edges. The short curls actually help you if you want to soften the strong jaws you have

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