Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Victoria Beckham, is the princess of hair fashion. With her tons of fabulous hairstyles, she has always remained as the true leader of trend-setter celebrities. Posh Spice girl, Victoria is best known for her gorgeous hair extensions. After her shifting to USA, Victoria has gone for revolutionary changes in her hairstyles.

Her long hairstyles and hair extensions have been replaced by cute looking asymmetrical short haircut, best known as the Pob hairstyles (Posh’ Bobs).


Victoria‘ strikingly asymmetrical short cut lies somewhere between tousled and messy and smooth and sleek. Majority of the top-favorite Pob hairstyles can be achieved via straight razor.

Although the Pob suits almost all the types face shapes however; the hairdresser has to be chosen properly to get the right texture and comfort and perfect look.

The style should be such that it creates an elegant and a sultry look without obscuring the eyes. On this blog site, we have several images displaying Victoria Beckham trendy hairstyles.

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