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Whether you are looking for bridal , wedding party hairstyles, prom hairstyles, or a formal hairstyle for some other big event; instead of giving you step by step ‘up do how to’instructions for creating formal hairstyles, I am going to give you step by step tips on how to select and prepare for your formal style experience.

1. Determine the life of the formal hairstyle. Are you going out for a quiet dinner? Then you don’t need to be concerned with the up do holding up for more than two or three hours. These type of formal hairstyles require fewer bobby pins to hold in place, and just need a good dose of firm hold hair spray.

2. Is there going to be dancing? If there is, you will need quite a few bobby pins or within a few minutes of dancing the formal hairstyle will fall apart on you. Some complex formal hairstyles require 30 bobby pins.

3.Is this a once in a life time event such as a wedding? If so, you simply cannot leave your formal hairstyle to chance. It requires time and practice, or you won’t have an up do for those photo memories.

4. Are you going to prom? Then I recommend you don’t opt for a very formal style. Formal hairstyles for prom is an old fashioned idea. Hair down with some nice curls or pinned to once side, is much sexier and sets you apart from the others. Hair down or a half up hairstyle, is more fun and will have great bounce and motion on the dance floor.

Whatever formal hairstyle you choose, here are a few tips that you will want to follow:

a. Take a picture of the formal hairstyle you found to the best hair stylist that you can afford. This is not the place to save money. Even if you have to travel twenty miles. Better yet, take two of three different up dos to select from.

Set up a consultation at least two weeks ahead of the event. During the consultation your hair stylist will be able to give you feed back and suggestions. It will also allow your hair stylist to purchase anything special he or she may need in advance, such as ribbon, pearls, or flowers.

b. Make an appointment for a practice run three or four days before the event, especially if you are the bride because on your wedding day there will be too many distractions. This will give your hair stylist an opportunity to work with your hair so there aren’t any nasty surprises on the big day. Make sure to take along your veil or headpiece, and remember to discuss what to do once you remove your headpiece at the reception. The hair stylist can also instruct someone else in the wedding party how to be assistance to you.

c. Do NOT wash or condition your hair the day of or the day before your hair appointment. Conditioners and shampoo will make the hair slick and unmanageable, and complicate the hairstyle.

It will also cause your up formal hairstyle last a shorter amount of time. Make sure the finished hair style isn’t too tight. By the end of the night you will have a throbbing headache. Take a travel size firm hold hair spray with you for last minute applications. Your bridesmaid can carry the spray for you if this is for a wedding.

d. If the formal hairstyle is for a wedding, make sure you follow these steps for your makeup too. If possible, have your hair stylist and makeup artist attend your wedding.

With these steps in place you should have no problems with your formal hairstyle. This will allow you to enjoy your prom, wedding, dinner, or other big event without worries about your hair.

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