Short Hair Models 2018

2018 Short hair styles for women and short haircut trends take their que from the music industry, and one or two avant garde hairstylists such as Vidal Sassoon. Short Hair Models 2018 Both are cutting edge risk takers, and both are wildly successful.

The point is that if you are not a risk taker, short hair styles and short haircuts may not be for you. So before you lop off eighteen inches of hair, make sure that you have done your research. On the other hand if you are ready to take the plunge, perhaps I can help guide you a little.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, there is no face shape that cannot wear a short hairstyle with the possible exception of Pixie style haircuts which really do require a thin face and long neck. The first short hairstyle depicted in gallery 1, is just such a Pixie hairstyle. However, there are many other short hair cuts, and even short short haircuts to fit whatever face shape that you have. Your hairstylist should be able to help you sort through the photos you printed and make a good choice.

What is important is the weight line of the haircut. Every short hair style and medium length hairstyle has a weight line, except for when the entire head is shaved. A weight line is where the hairstyle either tapers in toward your face, or flares out away from your face. You want to pick a hairstyle where the weight line points towards your best feature, say if you have a cute chin. Conversely, if you have a prominent nose, you certainly don’t want the hairstyle to taper in or flare out at that point in your face. The weight line always draws the eye of other people.

Another consideration is if your hairstyle should have bangs or not. Bangs should never cover beautiful eyes, but should help disguise a well proportioned forehead.

The advantage to a short hairstyle or haircut is that they are sassy, and many people relate sassy to sexy. A short hairstyle also exudes confidence, and nothing is sexier than confidence.

The disadvantage to a short hairstyle or short haircut is salon visits. A short haircut will require a salon visit every three to four weeks to remain crisp and attractive. So if you lack either the time or the finances for frequent salon visits, you may want to go with a longer hairstyle. I hope this advice can help you with your choice a little.

Short Hair Models 2018

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