Perfecting the Ponytail

If you’re constantly on the go but tired of the plain old snatch-back ponytail, we have five solutions you can put together in under five minutes that will leave you looking twice as chic with half the effort.

1. Sweeping Beauty. To avoid the run-of-the-mill slick back or middle part, a low ponytail with a side-swept front looks elegant and classy. Start by parting your on the side, then use a brush to sweep the hair in the opposite direction of your part, down and toward your ear. If you have bangs or your hair is layered, you may need to secure the hair with a bobby pin behind your ear to keep it in place. After you’ve achieved the sleek look in the front, fasten the ponytail at the base of your neck to complete the style.

2. The Top Knot. While for some a might feel juvenile, it can actually bring a little fun and flirtiness to your look. After using styling gel to make sure the front and back of your hair are brushed and is minimized, you’ll gather all of your hair at the crown of your head and secure for a high, sleek ponytail. If you hair is long enough, you can wrap your hair around and pull it through to create a knot at the top of the ponytail for added style.

3. Turn Your Tail Inside Out. With a simple move, you can step up a plain ponytail in no time. Gather your hair into a low, loose ponytail, making sure the elastic isn’t as tight as you would normally make it. Then, using your fingers, divide the hair above where your elastic is into two sections, creating a hole. Next, take your ponytail and bring it up and through the hole. You’ll pull the hair down tightly to form the inside out look. When you’re finished, make sure to tighten the elastic so the ponytail will stay in place. You can also reverse the step by taking the ponytail under and over for the opposite effect.

4. A Walk on the Wild Side. You might think side ponytails are a thing of the past, but if you have medium-length to long hair, you can sweep it all to one side and secure with an elastic for a sophisticated look. Side ponytails look best with a middle or side part, and with a brush, all you’ll need to do is just brush it all loosely to one side. This is great for the girl on the go, because with this look you want it to look a bit undone and not too perfect. The key is keeping the ponytail low and not wearing it too high on your head–now that would be reminiscent of bamboo earrings and leg warmers.


5. Accessorize. If you’re really on the go and don’t have a lot of time to part and style, you can easily rock a classic ponytail but throw in a bit of glamor. By simply adding a clip with a flower detail or a stylish headband, you can enhance your look. Forever 21 has great hair accessories at reasonable prices. For a flowery, spring look, try their silk rose hairclips, ($2.50 each, or rock this colorful headband to bring a bit of playfulness to your day ($5.80,

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