New Year’s Resolutions For Your Hair

You probably made some for the rest of your life, but in 2019, your hair needs some brave new promises as well. These are our resolutions here at BV Hair Talk feel free to adopt them yourself, or add your own in the comments!

1. Stop referring to hair as “good” or “bad.” Healthy hair is good hair, point blank period. Using disparaging terms to refer to your crowning glory isn’t the biz in this bright and beautiful new year.

2. Stay away from hand in hair syndrome. Natural, relaxed, or even woven in constantly playing with your hair can be damaging. For us its almost instinctual to twirl our kinks and coils, but it’s better to leave it be and let it do its thing.

3. Try a protective style during the cold weather months. Two strand twists, kinky twists, cornrows, even a bun or a French braid qualifies as a style that’ll keep your hair protected from those harsh seasonal elements.

4. Let kids be kids. We’re all guilty of having judgmental thoughts from time to time when you see someone with crazy hair or a crazy outfit… but taking the time to talk trash about someone’s child doesn’t make you look any better. Leave that mess in 2019.

5. Find security in your own beauty. Don’t look to a celebrity or your friend who has a different hair length or texture for your standard of beauty find it within yourself. So many of us look in the mirror and don’t truly appreciate what we see.

Take the time everyday to smile at yourself, and affirm your own happiness with your reflection. Then give that back to the women you see in your day to day life offering someone an unsolicited compliment feels good!

Those are our five hair resolutions what do you think? What are yours?

Happy New Year!

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