Natural-Hair Inspiration: Online Loc Goddesses

In my opinion, no hairstyle is more regal, more awe inspiring, more spiritual or more misunderstood than locs. For some, they aren’t a hairstyle as much as a religious expression — the Rastafarian movement is still strong all around the world, particularly in Caribbean culture.

For many others, this strong and beautiful hair has nothing to do with religion at all; it can be more of an expression of self, and pride in one’s roots.

Thanks to Twitter, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some of the web’s most admired loc experts. The three women featured in this post are all absolutely beautiful, and offer proof that there’s nothing “dreadful” about locs!


Toshia Shaw-Lacey is a writer extraordinare. Besides having written a book – her debut novel, High Stakes, drops in April! – she is also a well respected blogger who shares information about locs at On The Road to Queendom. I reached out to ask her about his locs, what led her to the style and what they mean to her.

I have been rocking the locs for about 9 years, and I absolutely love them! I have never thought about taking them down. I decided to loc because I was looking for a natural hairstyle that would compliment my face, be easy to maintain, and embody my personality.

After witnessing Lauryn Hill in all her crowning glory, I decided that wearing locs would be best for me. I love how women appear as if they are wearing a crown, and I do indeed feel regal wearing locs.

Although, I am not Rastafarian, I do follow some of the principles. I believe a woman’s hair is her crown, it should be cared for and meticulously maintained.

I clearly prefer the term locs because there is nothing dreadful about my hair. The negative connotation associated with the label dreads and where it came from will not allow me to embrace it.”

When I put out the question, “who is the best loc expert on Twitter?” The overwhelming response was Noireboss1, AKA Camille Reed. She is the owner of Noire Salon in Silver Spring, MD, and she is such a source of information and warmth online.

She has had locked hair for 13 years, and found her inspiration in college.

I was 19, inwards into my freshman year in college and ready to create ‘MY’ identity as a young lady. I was studying fine art and felt comfortable in that being my time to begin them.”

Visit for hair inspiration and information. Photo by Keston Duke.


My favorite loc goddess on YouTube has gotta be Chescaleigh. Franchesca Leigh is a New York-based comedian, graphic designer, and singer.

She’s amazing! And her hair tutorials are inspired, lighthearted, and fun for anyone to watch (whether you’ve got locs or not!) She recently did an interview and hair tutorial with Black Girl with Long Hair and revealed her and loc philosophy.

I started my locs in February of 2004. So my locs are 6 years old this month!

Being natural has had a HUGE affect on my life. Mainly, it’s increased my confidence. My hair was such a burden when it was relaxed – financially and emotionally. I no longer have to stress about my hair looking good (I usually just wear it down or in a ponytail) or worry about spending $60+ every six weeks to get a touch up. Also, because I’ve made a name for myself by video blogging about my hair, I’ve been given an incredible opportunity to inspire other young women to go natural and have confidence in their natural beauty, which is really cool.”

Love me some Chescaleigh. Visit her YouTube channel here.

Who are your favorite loc goddesses online?

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