Natural Hair + Couples In Love = Win

If you’re sick and tired of the “ are desperate and single and wookin’ pa nub” meme that seems to be going around mainstream media lately, fret not. There’s a really refreshing antidote that will leave you reassured that love exists.

It’s called  Poster, and it’s the creation of Leila Noelliste – who also is the creator of Black Girl With Long , one of the web’s most invaluable resources. The photos from her site are beautiful, inspiring, and heartwarming.

began as a contest on BGLHOnline, where readers were asked to send in photos of themselves and their significant others. That contest proved to be a huge hit. And as Leila explained in this interview with Clutch Magazine, it proved a larger point to her.

“It lets me know that there is a deep, deep hunger for us as black women to know and see that we are loved because there are so many media messages to the contrary. Many women who emailed me their pictures also thanked me. Some saying, “You know, no one ever gives me the chance to celebrate my love.”

That really struck me. It made me even more convinced that an acknowledgment of young, black love MUST become a part of the media script when we talk about black women and relationships.

Being an offshoot of a natural hair blog, Black Love Poster primarily features women with fly natural hair. But of late women with straighter textures have been getting love on Black Love Poster too. 

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