Natalie Portman Hairstyles

Natalie Portman is a well known Israeli-American actress and model. In the fashion world, Natalie is popular as short hairstyle icon. She makes most of her cute natural hair with couple of great hairstyles. Natalie is probably the only celebrity who dons every hot event with a new and fresh hairstyle.

Natalie has a naturally shining and wavy hair. She often turns into many hairstyles, ponytails, upstyles, bun, side parted, fluffy, messy, short curly and many other hairstyles. Natalie is rarely seen wearing straightened hair.


During past couples of years, Natalie Portman has played with numbers of hairstyles and tried out out several colors including multiple hues. She can be seen changing her hair color from dark brown to black and golden.

Check out our collection of Natalie Portman hairstyles. Look at the latest hairstyle featuring a soft upstyle with an added height at the top. She has swept her soft bangs to one side, which gives her a flattering look. It is one of most romantic hairstyle liked by tons of fashion crazy crowds, as it can create wonders to the eyes, smile and neckline.

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