Men’s Hairstyles Advice 2018

When we think men’s hair, we tend to think men’s cuts versus men’s hairstyles. Today that thought could not be more inaccurate. In the simplest terms a haircut may or may not be a style. For example a crew cut. In most instances once the hair is cut, it still needs to be styled, and that finished look is a men’s hairstyle.

2018 men’s are as varied as women’s hairstyles.

Unlike women’s hairstyles, I can’t think of a single hairstylist or barber that is known for innovative men’s styles. Men tend to take their lead from the music and film industry. When Billy Ray Cyrus walked out on stage with the mullet, it swept the country like a wild fire.

Elvis, The Beetles, Bob Marley, James Bond, Charlie Sheen, and James Dean. These men all set off a wave of men’s haircut styles. The list goes on, but you get the idea. When I was a kid the idea was to blend in. Most men had the same haircut, the same suit, and consumed the same products. The only act of individualism that was allowed within parameters, was our choice of tie.

Today, not only do men have far greater opportunities to express themselves through style in the professional workplace, but when it comes to dating, style is now a must. Men who blend in, are overlooked.

Whatever haircut style you choose, be sure you do it for the right reasons. Here are a few hairstyle traps that I see men fall in to on a regular basis:

1. Don’t pick your haircut based on what some female you have a thing for tends to like in her male selections. It won’t help you get her. In fact, the more you stand out from her typical male selection, the better. She will find you bold and daring, and that is what she really wants in a man.

2. If you are suffering from premature male pattern loss, don’t try to disguise it with a comb over or the like, and loose that stupid baseball cap. You are going to have to take it off eventually anyway.

These types of covers and disguises are obvious and ridiculous looking, and indicates to a woman that you lack self confidence. A major turn off to women. Instead make the best of what you do have, even shaving your head bald, and wear your style as if anything else is for wimps. Take ownership.

3. Don’t let male or female friends dictate your style for you. If they are true friends, who gives a rats ass what they think about your haircut style. Instead, find a great hairstylist to advise you. I have two hairstylists.

I am as white as snow and my one hairstylist is a black as midnight barber, and the other is a little Latin flame. They could not be more different from me, but they both work in a hip salon and are on the cutting edge of what is cool, and how to adapt it to my age so I don’t look like an idiot.

I tell you this only so that you know that to get a great look may require you to step out of your comfort zone a little. It is worth the effort. So, take a few minutes to discover who you are without outside influence, then have a look at the men’s haircuts in our gallery and see if something is to your liking and fits your line and hair type.

Then research the hippest salon in your area, even if you have to travel twenty miles. Your professional life and your love life will reward you for your efforts. I hope this advice can help you with your men’s choice a little.

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