Medium length hairstyles 2018

and medium cuts trends take their lead from aristocrats and from anything glamour related, especially 1950’s and 60’s movies. The king of is Alexandre of Paris.

If glamour is your goal, you simply have to have a medium length hair. Nothing shorter or longer will hit the mark.

Old Hollywood aside, in 2018 medium hairstyles come in a wide variety looks, with most of them lending themselves to lots of movement and bounce.

Medium styles range from just below the chin, to resting on the shoulders. For this reason the weight line of the hairstyle is unlikely to fall anywhere that it could emphasize a poor facial feature.

Thus, can be worn by literally every face shape. The only caveat there is that if you are somewhat challenged in the neck department, you don’t want to chose a medium length hairstyle that rests on the shoulder. This will only make an already short neck look even shorter.

The advantage to is that they offer so many looks with the same haircut by simply styling them differently. Medium length hairstyles are also easy to pin up for a formal dinner, or toss in a scrunchie when heading to the gym or hanging around the house.

The disadvantage to is three fold. After five to six weeks the structure begins to fall apart and the style losses its wow factor, so salon visits won’t be infrequent.

Depending on the hairstyle that you choose, can require more styling time that any other hairstyle length, and get a little pricey in the styling aide department. Lastly, if you color your hair, outgrowth will show very quickly and your salon visit will have to include refreshing your hair color and getting the outgrowth under control.

I hope this advice can help you with your choice a little.

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