Long Hairstyles Advice 2018

Long are the symbol of youth, virility, and purity, and when done right can be elegant, or trendy. Long hairstyles for women are immortalized in the arts and religion of every known culture, and by the great visionary hairstylist, Leonard Lewis of London.

In short, for those fortunate enough to be able to wear long hair, a well executed long hairstyle is alluring, and mysterious.

Long for 2018 are exciting and versatile.

Long styles range from about three inches below the shoulder, to as far as it will grow. Long hair don’t usually have a facial weight line, and thus can be worn by any face shape. The only area of concern would be along hair hairstyle with bangs. Although bangs are a concern with any hairstyle, with long hairstyles the bangs must be in perfect balance with the rest of your face.

The advantage to long is that they are timeless, and will give your credit card a break when it comes to the frequency of salon visits. Unless of course you color your hair, and you will still need touch-ups every six weeks.

The disadvantage to long is two fold. A never ending battle to rid of split ends, and most people simply cannot and should not wear long hair beyond a certain age. What age that is I will leave up to you.

Frequently husbands will talk women out of a shorter hairstyle because the husbands feel younger seeing their high school sweetheart with long hair. It’s this simple, if you look in the mirror and feel you look old, then you do. A shorter hairstyle will actually take quite a few years off, and you will actually feel younger too.

I hope this advice can help you with your long choice a little.

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