Karen’s Body Beautiful Product Review

Allow me to clear up a popular misconception — natural hair isn’t more expensive to maintain than chemically straightened hair. Most of the women with natural-textured hair that I know have learned to care for their hair themselves, without assistance from a salon.

It does take a certain degree of trial and error when it comes to finding the right kind of product for your hair. So from time to time I’m going to do some detailed product reviews to inform you about brands that (in my humble opinion) are worth checking out.

Please note, I’m not a hairstylist. I didn’t go to beauty school. I’m just a natural-haired bella who has tried everything under the sun and can wax poetic about my experiences.

So please allow me to introduce you to a brand I am head over heels for: Karen’s Body Beautiful.

If you’re looking for supremely nourishing, decadently scented products for your natural or relaxed hair that is prone to dryness, look no further.

Karen’s Body Beautiful makes items for the hair, body and bath, for women, men and even babies. Based in Brooklyn, the brand is dedicated to pure products made with ingredients that nurture natural hair and healthy skin. You won’t find any bad-for-you hair ingredients here like you will in the drugstore brands!

KBB’s shampoo is different from traditional drugstore formulas — it’s made with coconut and safflower oils, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera and other herbs that clarify and enrich hair. Despite its 99.4 percent natural ingredients, this shampoo lathers up well and leaves hair soft and sweetly scented, not squeaky clean like shampoos with more detergent tend to do.

KBB conditioner has become my go-to co-wash. For those of you who don’t know much about the no-poo or low-poo method, that just means that instead of using shampoo twice weekly or however often the bottle recommends, I use conditioner instead because it softens and hydrates my hair instead of stripping away the natural oils. KBB’s deep conditioner isn’t as thick or buttery rich as other brands, but the ingredients do my hair a world of good. This is a great beginning product for any bella who is transitioning and isn’t sure what her hair needs anymore.

KBB makes a variety of hairstyling products — Hair Butter, Hair Cream, a fantastic Hair Milk that will more than satisfy my natural-haired sistas who have complained that their old favorite brand of hair milk may or may not have changed formulations on them. But my favorite KBB hairstyling product is the Hair Nectar, a lightweight, creamy leave-in I can believe in. Hallelujah!

Formulated specifically for “medium to super thick naturally curly textures,” this product is perfect for those of us who live in a wash-n-go world. If my hair is frizzy and tangled, a co-wash and detangle with KBB conditioner, followed by some Hair Nectar, restores my curls to being bouncy and defined, the way I want them to be. And the scents! KBB comes in a variety of fragrances to suit every taste. Coco lime, white tea, Egyptian musk, luscious pear. My personal favorites are vanilla latte and honey oatmeal. Both are sweet enough to want to eat and leave a soft cloud of yummy fragrance floating about my head.

Like many natural-hair products that pride themselves on great ingredients, KBB ain’t cheap. You don’t usually find products with this kind of quality under $10. Most KBB products range from $12 to $16, and you get a decent size bottle that will last you through several uses. If you just want to try out the goodies, KBB offers a Heavenly Hair Sample Pack or a Sweet Treat Sample Pack for $25, containing 1 and 2 oz. products, just to satisfy your curiosity.

More products reviews are on the way. Next up, we’ll hit the drugstore for brands that cost less than $10 but still get the job done.

Do you like Karen’s Body Beautiful? What’s your favorite product and favorite scent?

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