How To Maintain Your Hair During Exercise

Fashionistas take pride in their looks, from head to toe. Women are realizing that the sacrifice of their bodies to have hype is not cute, or that starving themselves to keep a flat tummy is not good either. Here are five ways you can spend time at the gym and step out with your hair still in place and looking great!

Look Pretty In Your Ponytail

Ponytails can be sexy, flirty, simple, and chic. If your locks are long, you cannot really go wrong with this style.

Take a flat brush, spray a high shine, holding spritz on it, and brush your into a ponytail. International creative consultant for John Frieda, Harry Josh, suggests that the ponytails should be at eye level and to pull out some strands of hair in the front to hang naturally, “A wispy, piecy look is sexy,” says Josh. It also holds well while you’re aerobicizing or working with weights.

Methods of exercise protection



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