Curly Like Teri

Teri LaFlesh has beautiful eyes and a stunning smile. But those aren’t the first things you notice about her. The first thing you notice is that lengthy mane of curls cascading down her back.

LaFlesh has managed to master the art of growing to epic proportions. On her Web site, Tightly Curly, she shares her techniques, and documents it all with photographs and rules that makes things that should be obvious crystal clear.

For example, don’t brush or comb your when it’s dry. Stop hurting your curls. And if your hair isn’t damaged, you may not need to trim it at all. Teri makes the art of hair growth seem simple enough on the Web, and now her new book, ‘Curly Like Me,’ puts all of that great information and more into print.

‘Curly Like Me’ begins with Teri’s life story as a biracial woman who once honestly believed that her locks were possessed. Once upon a time, she dealt with the hate and frustration her brought her by unleashing a barrage of chemical treatments on it.

Relaxers, texturizers, weave and even Jheri curls didn’t help. Finally, she’s learned what NOT to do and what TO do with her texture, and we can all reap the rewards of that knowledge.

This is a great book for any woman struggling with hair issues regardless of texture — whether you relax or wear your hair natural, there are general rules to live by to maintain a healthy-looking, long, strong head of hair. And for women who love their natural curls, this is an invaluable resource for your bookshelf, right between

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