Biracial Hair Care and Styling Tips

You might remember that episode of ‘The Game’ where white mom Kelly (played by Brittany Daniels) struggled to style her biracial half-black daughter’s hair. Sure, we got a great laugh out of it, but while that scene lasted only seconds, it reflected a splice of real life that many moms (and dads) encounter every day. And not just white moms. Having a hair texture different from your child’s can lead to a number of styling mistakes, from overwashing to undermoisturizing — or worse — applying unnecessary chemicals.

Finally, help is here! So BlackVoices decided to help out all moms who are raising girls with textured ringlets.

We talked to Miko Branch, co-CEO, co-founder and creative director of top hair-care line Miss Jessie’s, and celebrity hairstylist Anthony Dickey, owner of the salon and hair-care line Hair Rules who also styled the heads of Michelle ObamaAndre 3000 and Alicia Keys. After years of caring for their own hair and the manes of others, Branch and Dickey understand the challenges you face when you and your daughter don’t share the same texture.

And with the advice from our experts, you’ll finally be able to style your child’s hair just as well as you do you own.

Determine which category best describes your child’s hair 

Evaluate your child’s hair texture. Is it thin and wavy or thick and tightly coiled? Is it somewhere in between? “Each [progressive] texture is a naturally drier texture,” says Dickey, whose products focus on returning moisture to parched hair. Keep in mind that the more texture (read: coarser) you child’s hair is, the more time and product you have to use.

Wavy Hair

This consistency may be the easiest type of biracial hair to style, since it might be close to your own texture. “Wavy hair, which is not tightly coiled, should be the least challenging,” says Miko.

Try This: Pigtails. After shampooing, conditioning and detangling, apply Hair Rules Wavy Mousse ($10 to $20, to wet hair. Comb through and blow-dry with a diffuser or allow hair to air-dry. Then, divide hair in half and wrap a ponytail holder, such as Goody Ouchless No Metal Gentle Ponytail Holders ($3,), around each side.


According to Miko, “Curly hair might take more time to style, because the texture is a little more intricate and not as loose and wavy,”

Style Idea: Loose Curls. After shampooing, conditioning and detangling, apply Hair Rules Curly Whip.


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